Aaron Lapeirre
Wall sights, 2014 In 2014 it was exactly twenty-five years ago that history decided to tear down the wall that divided Berlin in two. When the border was opened, not only Germany was reunited, but also families who have been parted for a long time. Looking at the images taken at that time, you can see what it meant for the people of Berlin, and what separation can do. You can wonder what the use is of building a wall as a border. These days, there are still tons of borders: between the United States and Mexico, the Palestinian – Israel border, the border between India and Bangladesh, the “Peace Line” in Northern Ireland, to name just a few. The need to have not only geographical borders, but also physical is still very present. This series of landscape photographs follows the path of the Berlin Wall, looking for the changed landscape after such a huge interference. What did this structure do with the landscape? Are there still traces of the wall, other than the known tourist attractions? The point of view made the landscape the primary subject, although some pictures have a deeper human story to them.