Aaron Lapeirre
Township surfers, 2017 Surfing, one of the most popular sports in South Africa, is a mostly white matter. Although Apartheid might be gone in theory, there is still a big difference between races regarding wealth, which is also visible in surfing. The sea is for free. Everything else ain't. Wetsuits and surfboards are expensive, and not everyone can afford one. Still, more and more children out of the black community take part in surf competitions. With the support of surf enthousiasts, people who own surf shops and schools, children out of the townships can get into surfing. Surfshop owners and even owners of board factories provide the kids with the equipment they need. It isn’t all about surfing. Surfing is just a way to get the kids off the street and so out of crime. Another advantage of these initiatives is the ability of the children to broaden their horizons. Entering competitions means getting out and meeting other people, exploring a world outside the town they live in.